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Anonymus Anonymous
June 16, 2024, 9:31 am

I was hired as the Chief Stewardess on this yacht two years ago through an agent. After a call with the Captain, I decided to join the crew. Upon arrival, all crew members were housed in crew accommodations at the Viareggio shipyard. During the first lunch, I noticed a gender bias where the girls served the boys, initially thinking it was a friendly gesture. However, I soon realized it was a manifestation of a 'macho' culture. The Second Stewardess, who had been on board for years, never assumed the Chief Stewardess position, and I quickly understood why. She constantly criticized my actions and sometimes ignored me for days without explanation. Despite seeking advice from a former Chief Stewardess who had been on board for four years, the situation remained unchanged. Sharing a room with someone who could go days without speaking to me was challenging. The Captain's behavior was volatile, often resorting to throwing dinner plates and displaying childish behavior. He frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the crew's work and indulged in nightly parties with his friends, sometimes involving drugs in our crew apartment. On one occasion, despite pleas from the crew, they continued their partying, forcing me to take my blanket and my pillow, and retreat to the yacht to sleep. In Naples, the Captain even brought prostitutes on board, subjecting the crew to uncomfortable situations. However, the Chief Officer stood out as a beacon of professionalism, displaying patience, love, and passion for his work. He remained on board for the sake of his family, which I respected. The Bosun's frustration reached a boiling point when he nearly confronted the Captain due to false accusations, leading him and his girlfriend, the Third Stewardess, to resign at the end of the season. This experience ranks among the worst in my career, and I wouldn't recommend this yacht to anyone.

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